Written for a dear friend who was having life-troubles. Started 1.2009, finished 12.2009

Oh, little girl what do you do?

do you even know?

I’m watching and waiting, writhing and suppressing
my urge to help you, protect you, keep you safe from
yourself and the life you are creating.

And you speak to me,
telling me truth from your lips, lips I love for their look of sweetness
and I wonder if your lips are sweet
like mermaids, sweetly lethal.
Do you believe these things you tell me?

You did not, in the past.

your words today are so different from the ones you used to speak

Darling child, my sister, my daughter, I have begun to doubt you. I wish I didn’t.
I wonder if you tell me what you think or if you hide your mind from me?

You, who I love, are miserable in your life.
I can’t say how it hurts to see.
I see you my sweet,
I weep tears of blood for you
your hurt is my hurt and
I would pray for you, my soft-pawed kitten,
but I doubt the comfort it would bring you.

All i can see to do is

let you go.


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