I missed you

Written 4.19.2009  He slept on the floor of my room because his car battery was dead.

Nights are worse than days,
when in the day I’ve held you:
in the morningtime, the yawning dawn
I find my way into your arms
your mouth is sleep sweet, sleep soft.
Those rare mornings are stolen bliss,
a delicious torment – what I can’t have yet –
like a time capsule from the future
flashes and glimpses of a simple happiness.

Those nights follow those days:
nights when I walk through the door of my maiden house –
make my lone way – to my narrow bed –
and no one can soothe me with a meaning
why this is.
all answers are hollow
echoing within themselves.
there is no answer for me,

for – my searching eyes
and – my aching arms
and – my yearning heart
and – my untried body

in so many ways
I am empty without you
and now I try to sleep.