The Kelpie’s Song

Written March 12, 2009

Appearing of a sudden
mane waving in the breeze like seaweed
caught in the current
flowing , twisting, furling and unfurling
dripping wetness on your fingertips
flipping droplets onto your cheek

Climb upon my greyseal back,
me, the fey-horse,
and I will bear you to faery lands unknown, untold.

My slippery skin grips your calves,
kelpen mane loops your wrists,
never fear – they keep you safely astride

I will show you my sodden home
and you show me passion in your wild eyes
and straining mouth, your hooked fingers,
arching spine,
legs that spasm and twitch –
your writhing body struggles, a futile fight with self-control
and you concede.
eyes drift, half-lidded
arms, legs lax and still
you sway to and fro
peaceful at last

Ah – – I think you are my favourite houseguest,
the others are so quiet
in their corner, in their ivory tumble.
Yes, you are my favourite.
I will love you always.

Do you hear?
Someone walks past my home.
Perhaps they want a pony ride.


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