Perfect is a strong word

I suppose I’m in the mood for odes. This one is for Nikolai. Written 2.21.2009

He’s strong enough to pick me up – and he does.
And then he spins me around until I can’t find gravity anymore.

Then he sets me down carefully and we giggle together, confused and dizzy.

He wakes me up from a nap with strawberry ice cream on my lips and then feeds me the last bite from the bowl.

He wraps me up when I’m cold, with his arms or blankets.

He lets me steal food from his plate (and that’s no mean feat) and he lets me feed him from mine, even if the food looks weird.
He trusts me.
He tells me stories from his life and what he feels.
He is honest with me.

He kisses me to be silly, he kisses me to show me he loves me, he kisses me to wake me up, he kisses me hello, he kisses me goodbye.  He kisses me to show me his heart. And I love it all.