Sweet memory

Written 08.23.2008, based on true events.

There was an apple tree in the backyard, and I watched
from its shadows
as you dove beneath its fruit and leaves
to appear beside me in this world I discovered,
and you helped me name it Apple Tree.

And the sun was setting as we climbed and you led the way laughing
as your toes held the trunk
like children cling to their father when he leaves on a business trip.

I climbed after you, imagining myself a cat and
I gripped the branches with my claws until I found one to sit upon.

And then we were ourselves again, sitting together on
the widespread arms of Apple Tree, watching our feet dangle in
the gathering dusk.

You kissed me, and I laughed because
we were sitting in a tree, kissing.

And that night I dreamt of apples, red as sunset,
and kisses that were sweeter than the apples.