I found your problem, ma’am

Written 11.09.2008 It’s about me. And something I discovered about myself. I don’t like it.


It was me all along.
You see right here?  This obstruction?

It’s me.

I’m the problem,
I’m in the way,
I’d like to say
I meant it all for good
I’m rather afraid
to look at my motives
I think I wanted glory.

Just for me
saving the day
coming in on a thunderbolt
when all hope was lost and bam!
Everything’s better and everyone’s
in awe of me.

I didn’t even stop to ask
my Father for advice
or whether it was my responsibility
in the first place.

I almost missed the problem until
my associate double checked
my work here, a second set of eyes are so useful,
Don’t you think?

And now I see the problem
and I can remove the obstruction
it’ll just take a minute.
Glad I could help, please call our
company if you ever need
this kind of help again.




or not.