Written 10.4.2008  This one has been a long time coming, and is for my friend. I promised her a poem but I waited for the words to come. I hope she likes it.


She is sweet, like that lemonade we made one summer,
with the lemons we bought
on the side of the road
in a brown paper bag: impossibly yellow and
as sweet as this girl,
and that’s what she makes me think of when she smiles.
Summertime and lemons that surprise
with their sweetness
and brightness and flash and color
filling up a room, earnest and untainted.


They Are

Written 10.4.2008 As i sat in the living room, watching my friend across the room with her boyfriend.

He holds her high off the ground
safe, in his lap and
she laughs and shrieks
and covers her face –
a piercingly beautiful moment
like a glowing window made of stained glass. Until
thunder strikes and
the beauty is broken, shattered
in a thousand glittering bits
that will slice your fingers if you try
to repair it –
Ah, well.
Some things aren’t
meant to be.