Written 9.15.2008 I  was just writing what came to mind, and a few times my pen did what it wanted. This is the finished product.

stars all about:
White dwarves, red giants,
nebula – –
Crabs and horseheads and
Kings, of men and of dragons.
Punished Ethiopian empresses
and perfect twins, maidens.
And bulls and scorpions and lions –
Any god a man could wish:
dancing and laughing just out of reach,
glimmering beyond fingertip’s end-
maddening in their inspiration of awe:
always other, untouchable.

Pity the mortals, my love,
look down from your lofty perch.
See their temporary lives,
their fleeting despairs and
joys like lightning’s breath;
give your pity.  Break what would be
your heart,
were you human, my love.


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