Written 5/7/08  I’ve always been fascinated by vampires, and associated myself with them (except I don’t like blood at all). I like to wonder what it would be like, and this is what came to mind.



I walk the darkly lit streets
looking in windows
staring hungrily at rooms and tables
full of people
they glow in the soft candle light with gilded throats
as they laugh together
and eat together
sating their appetites
tearing the flesh of plants and beasts
with their dull white teeth 
that flash in the golden light
when they smile at each other

The quicksilver moonlight burns into my pale skin
and I have no one to laugh with
to throw back my head as
gushes of giggles escape my throat
and I am hungry too
but my sharp teeth stay behind my bloodless lips
guarding my piteous tongue
that starves for warm flesh

I am a creation of dark and shadow
and have not been invited
into their golden light
with their warm throats flowing
with laughter and red wine
red as my tongue

I used to be
as they are now
warm and shining
with companions all about
and a meal was never far
well roasted flesh of cattle and corn
but now my craving is harder to fill
and I prefer my meat a good deal more rare

My fingers drag slowly down the glass
unless the moon bewitches one of them
for me her child
this is as close as I may get
and I am so hungry
for warmth and flesh
these things they possess in such abundance

do you not think they could
spare some before my mother
leaves the sky and I
return to my marble bed 
to dream of golden light
and warm sweet flesh
firm and gasping between my teeth
and I draw the warmth over my tongue
down my pale throat
and I feel the candle light in my depths
as my veins radiate the heat
through my moonblanched arms and legs
perhaps I will have a companion now
then again
perhaps not
I am very hungry


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