Autumn Metaphor


Written 10/7/07 I walked into church with my mother and sister one sunday and the wind was blowing in the courtyard.  where we sat I could see the leaves blowing around through the window, so I ignored the sermon and wrote this instead.



the leaves are changing
they’re at it again
green with life fading
colors of sunset caught in branches

the winds are here
tossing about
to rain or shine, that is the question
clouds glide across the sky
graceful and dignified
too noble to move quickly

the wind, oh the wind
flips my hair across my face
blows it back
tickles and taunts my spirit
my soul
begs me to come out and play

the leaves fall to dance on the ground
skittering with the wind
pirouettes and sashays and arabesques

the choice they make: death in exchange for
freedom and fun
let go of your life
be free in the dance
knowing your time is short
leaping higher than any prima donna

What of the leaves that
cling to the twig?
staying high and green
the shade of illness
do they fear death more
than they crave the dance?
 Is the fall too far?

i want to leave, to fly
in the wind
all I must do is trade in my life
knowing death of some sort awaits


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