Accusations Refused

Written 4/30/08 This is written at the boyfriend of one of my best friends.   Her life is changing and going in a direction I can’t follow, and sometimes i can’t cope with that too well.



You are taking her from me,
deny it if you feel better that way;
protest all you wish.
I will hold my tongue at your request.

However it stands,
the truth remains: you
are taking her away from


and there is nothing to be done
because I would see her happy
even if I am the price.

Soon you will have a greater need
of her than I do,
and she is color and music to me.

I can see in the curves of your cheek and brow,
in the lines of your lips and eyes,
she is laughter and rest to you.
soon she will be your air
and you will be hers in turn
and I am watching as
you breathe my
melodies and rainbows,

watching as
you melt together like coffee and cream
neither left unchanged-

and clear tears leaves my grey eyes
and trail down my pallid cheeks
for you see,
my color is gone.


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