I Wish

Written 7/17/07 One evening I was hanging out with my friends in one couple’s apartment and there was a crazy thunderstorm going on outside, so everyone grabbed pillows and blankets and we did just that: shut off the lights, flopped all over the living room, opened the windows and listened to the storm. This is what I felt.


you and me
a down comforter
the windows open
the lights turned off
no world, no people
just you, me, and the rain

listen to the storm
it calls to your soul as
it calls to mine

be fierce as I am fierce, no regrets -no thoughts- no shames- just action

The wild in me wants
to dance in the storm
to fly to run to scream
my freedom to the four corners of
this earth

the wild in me can never
have that freedom so
I shiver here
next to you
beneath this down comforter
wishing I could be the storm


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